Oh Just Chillin At The White House…

White House Fun

Last year I had the pleasure of going to The White House several times!! I have been to The White House before during several administrations, but there was something magical about going and the first family looking like me. I was truly a shameless tourist… Selfies and all!! I had the pleasure of doing a private tour of the Oval Office, The Situation Room and so much more!!

Clearly I had fun, but I was also there to work. I was invited to sit on a panel discussing the importance of HBCU’s, where I met Valerie Jarrett. In addition, I was able to meet with top White House officials about the work I’m doing with Kamp Kizzy and Project James and how they have synergy with My Brother’s Keeper and Let Girls Learn. I was actually able to attend the kick off and official announcement by First Lady Michelle Obama of Let Girl Learn. The highlight was being able to bring my mom as my guest for her birthday!!

When you take a tour of the Oval Office, President Obama has organic gala apples for you to take as a souvenir (which happen to be my favorite)!! I decided to just eat my apple and it was yummy. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I was so grateful to have been able to experience!!



  1. Patrice Jackson says

    Hello My name is Patrice, I’m watching the Aspire program And I came across your organization. I would like some more information regarding Kamp Kizzy. I have a thirteen year old daughter. And I’m interested in your program but we currently live in Illinois I was wondering if you have any suggestions for programs that are in Illinois like yours?

    Thanks Patrice Jackson

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