Executive Summary


Kamp Kizzy Foundation seeks to work with young people between the ages of 11-16 from all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, religions and geographic locations.  The Foundation is a holistic approach to self-esteem, empowerment and motivation daring the youth to dream big, think big and accomplish big.  The youth learn the importance of physical, mental and spiritual wellness in addition to learning the power of their words, their thoughts, their actions and the importance of paying it forward.  Youth today are bombarded with so many over sexualized images and conflicting opinions in the media of their value that a generation of youth has evolved without a sense of importance robbing them of their individualism and their ability to explore their talents and their true desires.  It is the mission of the foundation to provide a loving environment to learn and grow into individual awareness and the discovery of their own personal power.

Kamp Kizzy Foundation will not only provide an arena for young people to grow and learn but envisions the foundation being a provider of outreach services for the general community.  This will be accomplished through a series of programs and outreach projects involving Kamp Kizzy youth, giving them a sense of community ownership with the underlying purpose of creating better citizens in Atlanta and surrounding communities.  Currently, Kamp Kizzy is located in Atlanta, Ga.  However, the vision for Kamp Kizzy is to be a global curriculum found in schools and community centers across the U.S. and abroad.  The Kamp Kizzy foundation also envisions developing curriculums, teaching models and workshop aids to train facilitators of the Kamp Kizzy concept.  In addition, Kamp Kizzy has expanded to include young males, via Project James, who fall under the same criteria.